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Holiday Homes: are they still a good investment?

06 Dec 2019
In the current economic downturn in South Africa, the property market is facing challenges, and no more so than in the holiday home sector.

Home is where the Heart is: make yours uniquely your own

20 Nov 2019
It's difficult to give specific advice on how to make your home unique - because every home is as different as there are people and personalities.

Leapfrog Durban Central's Value Added Approach

31 Oct 2019
Kim and her husband, Terence, are the principals of Leapfrog Durban and work together as a close-knit team, complementing each other

Selling Your Home? How to choose the right Estate Agent

21 Oct 2019
Selling Your Home? How to choose the right Estate Agent

In with the Old

25 Sep 2019
The benefits of buying an older home

The Women We Value in Real Estate: 5 Leapfrog ladies

29 Aug 2019
Here are five of these dynamos of whom we are justly proud.

Keep the home fires burning: selling your home in winter

17 Jul 2019
Many people assume that attempting to sell a house in winter is a bad idea. While sales might be slow during the deep winter months, there are numerous advantag


27 Jun 2019
How to put your property's best foot forward on show day

Lounging around

15 Apr 2019
Easy tips for making your living room more inviting

Expecting? Tips for designing a great nursery

10 Dec 2018
Create a space that can grow with your baby
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